"Creating Independance through Teamwork"
"Creating Independance through Teamwork"
Creative  Orthotic & Prosthetic Services L.L.C.
Creative Orthotic & Prosthetic Services L.L.C.  


A prosthesis is an artificial part of the body that is custom made and used in place of the part that has been lost. The wish of every amputee is to receive a new limb that will be comfortable, restore normal function, and have an acceptable appearance. Each patient requires a unique combination of fitting, functioning and cosmetic results. Our practitioners are experienced in a wide range of product choices which can match indavidual fit, function and cosmetic requirements.


Creative Orthotic & Prosthetic Services L.L.C. now offers 

-Elevated Vacuum Systems ( Harmony, Limb Logic)

-Computer legs (C-Leg, Rheo)

-Myo Electric Arms Axon, Micheal Angelo, I-Limb

-Running feet, hydrolic ankles

-Conventional upper and lower extremity arms and legs

-Patient education

-Gait analysis



Creative Orthotic & Prosthetic Services LLC wishes everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year! We are celebrating our 10th year anniverary.  We have been blessed and priviledge to have served the northwest panhandle area.  We look forward to working with  you in the future!

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Creative Orthotic & Prosthetic Services L.L.C.